Norms of convivencia respectful in community.

To continuation will show a series fun and easy rules to understand but at the same time important to take into account inside the community ViralTalent.

In this way keep the safe and free web of prejudices, in addition to being entertained and amena for all the users that find in her.

The respect in community is the paramount in ViralTalent.

This want to say that inside this community all are considered like a family, and to the equal that respect ours own, here also will have to do it by equal. In this way we will ensure that all users coexist happily.

It remembers what said Muhammad Ali:

"When I know to somebody, do not see a race or a religion. I look more inside, we have to learn to surpass our conflicts in peace and to respect to the another."

That no it fences in you the head too much.

Of course as every community we always can find any individual who can break the peace and happiness of users, so we invite everyone to save you from your time to disseminate or display any material having to do with the following categories

Any content that was violent or chart

It is firmly engraved in the mind of every user, we will pursue any publication that can be: disrespectfully, morbid, sensationalist, offensive or any other facts that might call into judgment the sensitivity of any user.

Any user will be allowed at any time to report any fact already described and consider being studied by part of ViralTalent.

Any sexual or nude content

Social Network ViralTalent It is not oriented sexually explicit content or any type of pornography In this way if at any time a user finds a video that may be of this type, report it immediately by pressing the designated page own button, if for any reason we identify any publication directed by it, may be reported directly to the relevant authorities and therefore, be directly deleted without warning the user. Also take very seriously any pornography related to minors, in this case, will be denounced by the authorities immediately and may be punished with imprisonment, both published as one who appears in it.

Any content that was dangerous or hurtful

In ViralTalent not allow any act inciting to commit acts harmful or dangerous to the health and integrity of users who are in it Since they can be viewed by children and can cause serious damage and prejudice, in this case if a user detects any video like this, we invite you once again to report, so they can be studied as soon as possible the case by ViralTalent and consider the most appropriate action.

Rights of author or of copyright

You have to be aware every user that any entity, corporation or owner who has held a copyright to decide whether his work may or may not be widespread in ViralTalent so we advise all users to disseminate works that are own or have the right of it

ViralTalent can be considered at any time if any publication is violated or violates any copyright so you can see it as a company committed ViralTalent, it may be automatically removed from the network without notice.

Spam, Swindles or Threats

Remember that in ViralTalent work against spam constantly found online, In this way clarify that any publication deemed to be repetitive or show a contradictory character to the harmony and happiness of the user ViralTalent, they can report and thus we take appropriate measures to solve the problem. They also say that the use of any method is strictly prohibited misleading or may confuse the user in ViralTalent, in this way note that in this community to be considered each user as a family, It is not allowed any hint or comment threatening, aggressive behavior, harassment, incitement of any kind and invasion of the privacy of others, so if any user considers that given some of the cases already written, you can at any time to report, ViralTalent may consider appropriate to take, always based on respect and dignity of every user in it measures.

Be happy is the most important

Be conscious that ViralTalent has like main objective open you the doors to your dreams, expand you by all the width and long world this only talent that all human possesses in his interior

Of course modern life sometimes makes us be aware many bonds and obligations, leading to forget the most important thing, living life.

So we invite you to come out of this monotonous and everyday spiral that has become your life, dare to break these chains that forced you to wear life, struggle and follow your dreams and keep always present within you, and give you incredible strength to move forward in the hardest moments.

Always remember that the easiest way you never lead to anything good, so you will have to deal every day with your own battle and never avoid it

So only those willing to fight, you get that dream success.

But never forget

The amount of success you have in life will always be determined by the amount of happiness you have.

Best regards ViralTalent.